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Loss of Hair – Reasons

An increased rate of hair loss is a common problem among people on a special diet. The reasons are simple.

When going on a diet, you start with restrictions. Restrictions simply means something or even some things, will be less of. For example, vitamins.

However the problem can be easy fixed. Loss of hair is mostly due to deficiencies like:

  • Vitamin A deficiency.
  • Vitamin B deficiency.
  • Vitamin E deficiency.
  • Protein deficiency.
  • Folic acid deficiency (also known as Vitamin B9).

However fixing this problem can be done easily. First of, both vitamins and proteins are found in meat – where I’d prefer to eat eggs or fish.

Vitamin E can be found in nuts, green vegetables, many oils, tomatoes, mango, olives, broccoli & much more.
Vitamin B can be found in whole grains, bananas, potatoes, lentils, chili peppers & much more – mostly unprocessed food.
Vitamin A can be found in liver (pork, beef, chicken (meat in short)), carrots, broccoli, potatoes, spinach, butter & once again, lots of sources.

Writing in shorter terms, eat more vegetables and fruits. For example broccoli, tomatoes & bananas are all rich in vitamins and minerals. They are all 3 very common in our daily lives – that’s the only reason you need to eat more of it. However, it’s up to you – now you know how to get rid of the problem “hair loss”.

Loss of hair is also very common among people with eating disorders – if you did not know.

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White Tea – A Recommendation

As some of you already know I drink tea on a daily basis. However, I did mention White Tea in a recent post and actually I’ve bought some white tea myself. And I must say, I love it!

I do highly recommend trying out white tea. It has a bit more taste I think compared to Green Tea, though, I think that depends on what type of white tea you choose.

Some quick facts about white tea

  • White tea contains more caffeine than green tea – this means it may speed up the weight loss a very (yes very) little bit more compared to green tea.
  • A common misconception is that white tea is the least processed form of tea.
  • Much less studies have been done to white tea compared to green tea.
  • The studies that have been done to white tea shows familiar results like green tea. However more studies are in need to back up this fact.

However, I really recommend testing this out. Keep in mind this tea ain’t prepared in the same way as green tea.

Green tea is usually about 3-4 minutes in 70 degrees celsius (158 degrees fahrenheit).
White tea though is about 5 minutes in 90 degrees hot water (194 degrees fahrenheit), this is because the tea requires more heat to get out more of the minerals, taste and such from the leaves.

I really recommend reading this if you want to know even more about this tea!
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Sorry For Updating So Bad

Just going to tell that I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t had so much time to write about health and such. I promise to make up for you in a week. School is ending on Tuesday, so pretty much things happening right now.

Thanks for your patience!

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Why Less Food Diets Won’t Work For A Long Period

The mistake many people get struck by while trying to lose weight by EATING LESS, is that they don’t know how intelligent our body really is. As many know, starving yourself will make you gain weight. But that’s almost how it works with the body if you eat less, and you let it continue for many months.

What happens is that YOUR BODY will get used to the amount of calories you get, and eventually the loss of weight will be less… less… and eventually it stops. This is why WORKOUT IS VERY IMPORTANT. The body will reduce its need of energy, and you will later on notice you might get tired more often, or other “simple things”. This is sad but true.

So this is why I say stick to your normal calorie intake where you do not gain weight, or stick VERY CLOSE to your daily calorie consumption AND WORKOUT. Then you will see the best results.

Just keep in mind that this is for long-term, eating less will work for a while. But not later because the effect will wear off…

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Sleep More = Lose More – Sleep Less = Gain More

I have no idea how new/old this research is, or how new/old these news are. However I want to share them with you since they are new to me.

Simple & short: New research has shown that sleeping too little will actually make you gain weight.

So how does this actually works? First of all it’s  fact, not fiction. When the body has slept too little it starts to produce more of a fat-hormone called ghrelin. However the fun part with this is that when the body has slept too little (once again…) it starts to save energy, just like it does when you starve yourself.

That’s not just all, the body also reduces the amount of energy consumed to keep your body function by turning off “unneccessary” functions. Just like when you turn off lights in your house just because they are on in a room where no people are.

As you can see there are two major factors here that contributes to increase of weight. I’ll sum them up shortly once again.

  1. The body starts to save energy when you sleep too little. Just like it does when you starve yourself.
  2. It “turns off” some functions in your body. Which reduces the amount of calories consumed by your body during the day.

So sleep more (AND BETTER) and avoid unneccessary calories that will get hung up around your belly or elsewhere.
Sleeping is important, it’s vital.

More about sleeping & loss of calories.

Source of this article where I got my information from. In swedish but google translate works.


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A Common Mistake By Losing Belly Fat

I’ve noticed something that seems to be very common, so I’m going take this up here to let you know.

People believe they lose more belly that if they train their muscles in the stomach compared to if they trained any other type of muscles instead. But this is WRONG.

Why is it wrong? Because training your muscles in your stomach doesn’t burn just the belly fat. No! Your body will take energy from your WHOLE body, not just the belly.

Let’s think like this, add up all the parts of the body with fat and make it the sum 100. Then your body takes the same amount of percentage of energy from all parts, where fat exists. You get it? It won’t just take the belly fat because you are training muscles at that location.

To lose belly fat, the best way is to breathe more. Which can be done by running or riding a bike. Or simply just physical exercise that makes you exhausted. You need to burn calories, that’s the only simple point! Burn more & eat a little less.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, fat is made up of 40% carbon atoms. There are NO chemical process in the body that uses carbon atoms, it’s EXHALED as carbon dioxide. That’s why running (getting exhausted) is the best way to burn fat.

I take no credits for the picture.

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